Heliodent Plus

Your intraoral X-ray unit is the cornerstone of your daily diagnostic work. With Heliodent Plus from Dentsply Sirona, you can not only expect great image quality, reliability and ease-of-use, but a intraoral X-ray unit that integrates seamlessly into your practice and also with Dentsply Sirona sensors and scanners to deliver better, safer and faster intraoral diagnostics. Heliodent Plus works with DC power supply

The Heliodent Plus offers a wide range of options to adapt to your clinical needs, room constraints and budget. The Support arm is available in two designs (round or square) and three lenghts (41cm/16.2" ; 70cm/27.5" ; 95cm/37.4") and the unit itself can be installed in 4 different ways: wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended, embedded on a Dentsply Sirona treatment center or on a mobile cart.

Smart tools like the media detector which gives you the right settings for sensors, imaging plates or film with the press of a button or different unit control options to choose from make for a versatile and intelligent unit design that makes every day practice live a little bit easier.

Benefits at a glance

Whatever your chosen practice workflow is, with sensors, imaging plates or even film, Heliodent Plus is the perfect partner.

Smart and stable setup for best image quality even at constant usage

Heliodent Plus offers a 0.4mm focal spot and vibration-free components to ideally support your workflow.

Install and forget - quality for absolute dependability

Proudly "Made in Germany", the Heliodent Plus counts over 25,000 installations worldwide.

Intuitive to use and flexible to fit in your practice

You should not bother about using your intraoral X-ray unit. That’s why the control panels are particularly easy-to-use. And with numerous configurations, it will adapt to the realities of your dental practice.

Your gateway to chairside imaging

Make the most out of your space and integrate directly into your treatment center for more efficiency.

Dentsply Sirona

Dürr Dental

VistaIntra DC - Røntgen med system – Perfekt i funktion og design


Røntgen i system, alt foretaget med én hånd

Med VistaIntra byder vi nu på et røntgenapparat af høj kvalitet til fremragende intraorale optagelser. Den udmærker sig med forbilledlig ergonomi og er perfekt tilpasset til fosforpladerne fra Dürr Dental.

Dermed står Dürr Dentals ekspertise og kvalitet til rådighed i hele processen fra røntgenapparatet over røntgenfilmfremkalder, scanner og sensorer til billedbehandlingssoftwaren.

Et system, der betjenes med én hånd, og som takket være optimalt sammenspil sikrer de bedste billedresultater.

De vigtigste hovedpunkter:

  • Moderne og slankt design giver let og præcis positionering

  • Enkelt betjeningskoncept

  • Perfekt tilpasset til fosforplade og sensor

  • Høj pålidelighed og lang levetid af røntgenrør

  • Konstant stråling

  • mA- og kV-værdier kan indstilles variabelt

  • DC-stråleapparat med 0,4 mm fokus

  • DAP (Dosisfladeproduktvisning) efter eksponering